Oh my gosh!! With the time change…how am  I

going to get my riding FIX?!?! 

Well, come join us for some winter training that WILL propel you into the next season a whole NEW ATHLETE!  Fitness gains are made in the off season. Letting too much go in the winter, just hinders your growth and progression from season to season.

These cycle classes aren’t your average club rah rah aerobics sessions!

AND they can be scaled for ALL LEVELS!!

Designed to teach you applicable training methods, you’ll progress your fitness by working strength, efficiency, and mental toughness!! All under the guidance and structure of  an experienced coach in a group setting.


Rides are, more effectively, performed on your own bike with a

STATIONARY TRAINER. ( A cadence capable computer is highly  recommended to benefit the most from class, but if you don’t have it yet, COME ON and TRY anyway!! )


Classes meet 1x per week and are structured by accomplished athlete/Ironman Winner- Coach Chris Aarhus from


Fall- Spring Daylight Savings
( specific dates TBA each year)

We Ride :           Tuesdays

6:30-7:30pm       no lights required!


TBA for fall 2013

What’s the price for such lifelong, reusable training knowledge ??!!


DROP IN- $15

5 class card– $65      ( save $30)

Start to Finish– $180     ( save $60)


Contact Chris Aarhus:



Pay here or at class