Faster Swimming Tip- Work on Flexibility to Help With Form

Faster Swimming – Work on Flexibility

Though I am not known for any stellar performances in the swim portion of triathlon, I have done fairly well with not a whole lot of swimming.  This is not going to be one of those ” you can train so much less and go so much faster…” kind of posts.  When it comes to endurance sport, if the top athletes really could perform at the level they do with half the training…don’t you think they would?

That said, as general age groupers with mostly more limited time, some focus should be placed on efficiency, not on missing more sleep. I thought I would quick address one small example  I came across working with a triathlete on some strength training.  Through some general assessments we came across something that she  hadn’t even considered could be hindering her swim.

Other than the occasional stiffness or fatigue, and since it hadn’t been directly injured that she knew of, it really wasn’t something she was aware of.

Watch below:



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