Tri Pearl Triathlon – another last minute race

So, in my last minute entry to Buffalo Springs 70.3 I also decide ( with a generous offer) to participate in the Tri Pearl Sprint Tri Sunday.
I had a good week so far in training though missed a couple more workouts than planned…as planned as I really wasn’t.
The run down basically:
Sat– run 11 a.m.
swim 3800 +/-
Sun– Late night Run 10 testing pace. Lasted about 7 mi trying to stay at or below 7 min mi, did mile 8 at
8:15 to rest
then a 7:22 and a 7:15 ( got chased by a dog in that last mile)
Mon-FRi swim each day approx 2800-3200 each day
Tues- group ride- got dropped about 45′ in . Skipped eve run, waited too long to go run and got tired ( late)
Wed- swam and worked with some evening clients I usually don’t have. Skipped run to replace a heater hose
in the van.
Thur– swam- worked on intro videos and ended up skipping training again that eve as it got too late and
by 10p.m. decided too late to start..almost did, ended up not and still was up way late on computer
and got very little sleep.
Fri- mad at myself for the late night as I was trying to not go the route that got me to the adrenal fatigue in the first place. ( in addition to a long life of endurance sport!)
Tried to repeat the workout I was supposed to do Thur, felt like crap on bike. Tried to run, made it 2 miles of walking and felt like crap.
Sat- do dah’d the morning away. Decided, or should say confirmed yet again, I do best when I am up and
out the door early. I wait too long and I get involved in other things, lose my timing and end
up not getting in what I needed to.
Ended up with a worthless 10′ on computrainer, then a 10mi outside ride , and no run as I went
to pick up packet for Sunday race.
Needed to plan my day better and I really don’t have time to make mistakes like this with such a short window. I will claim that I needed the rest and recovery. But I really needed a good 60-70 mile low zone HR ride. I feel so much better when I get 3-4 hours of oxygen and sunlight!!
We’ll see how tomorrows race goes. The local fast boys will be there but that is good to see everyone out there, even if it knocks me out of the overall ( there is a reality here)
Good or bad ( it is all relative) it gets me out.


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