HITS Triathlon Series Marble Falls, TX Part Deu

So I had to split this into two postings ( part 1)  as I am trying to start getting my blog posts down a bit in length. Funny how I can go months without writing because I ‘ just don’t know where to start’, then I can’t shut myself up once I get started.

So I am entered into this Iron Distance race on April 27th.  Costing a fraction of the entry of the branded Ironman series / Kona qualifying races, I thought it would get me back in the game. Small, no pressure.  I believe it just cost me  more stress.   Even though there are no World’s spots up for grabs…I just wasn’t putting in the training time just to get through the event.

Part of it really feels like I don’t know how I ever fit it in in the first place. I seem to constantly have other things to get done! Plus, the side internet biz was taking extra time.

Eydie still not doing well  most of each month. So after the docs investigations came up basically empty, I proceeded to follow my FDN training I used when trying to get myself back in health. I ran some labs, looked more into where the underlying breakdown could be, and have started to ease things up a bit for her.

Sophia, turned 1 in Jan. She has been the least compliant for sleep of the 3. Into another spell of feeling the need to be up an about at 2 am for an hour or 2. Then a bout of a cold or something moved through the household the next week. Plus, if it wasn’t one of the 3 kids, it would be a dog or cat puking or something. Less sleep again.

In March we made an unexpected trip up to Omaha for my dad. What we thought would be for a few days turned into another week as things quickly declined and the lung cancer finally got him.

This has been the most sporadic, inconsistent training I think I have ever done.  I used to get away with just banking on  my years of racing, but that has long waned for helping anymore. Again, I’m talking about trying to be competitive, finishing events I know I can still do.

So, I have been working on my run and that had come along fairly well. Trying to be more specific in each workout and monitoring it a bit better. It seemed easier to squeeze runs in, though I was trying not to do like usual and run at 10:30pm or later like I was known to do…except for that run 2 weeks ago… did do my 12 x 1mi repeats and run the dog for a total of a 17mi day..starting at 9:30pm or so and finishing around 12:30am.

It was the long rides that seemed tough to break away for. I think I have maybe two 100 milers in , a few 70-80’s and the rest is 1-2 hours and most on the Computrainer. Not the usual multiple rides and a few 120-130’s I am used to getting in. Other than endurance being a bit off, my watt numbers arent too bad.

Swimming? lets just say that really got shut down after I quit the health club I had worked at for 14 years. No more easy access pool. I am doing the same work now, just as an independent out of a smaller facility. So I think I  swam 2x in March…5 x total since beginning of the year if I remember correctly. But philosophy on this is mirroring last years prep for Buffalo Springs 70.3.  Your initial gains are always made in the beginning, then much smaller. So I figured swimming a bunch for 2-3 weeks but also adding some particular stretches and focusing on form ( lots of band work!)  will get me as fast as I was going to get. Interestingly, with this approach I had my fastest swim I believe of all the times I have done that race.

So I swam 2 x last week. Did my 3 x 300 yd  w/:30rest test. 5:11, 5:08, 5:14  so nothing to write home about. Then 2 days later swam 5500yds in about 2hours. Then off swimming again for 5 days. Swam today and timed the 3x 300’s  4:58, 5:00, 5:00. See… improvement 🙂

This past weekend was probably my last chance to have gotten anything big in and be able still be recovered enough to race. I of course am not getting to do my usual 4 week taper.. so I had to do a build up and then only have a 1 week taper. 2 week tapers generally leave you flat on race day as your body tries to shut down into deeper repair.

Sat I got an hour on the bike towing Sophia around the neighborhood in the bike trailer then a late night 14mi run. 6 hours later I am up to meet one of my clients and others for a 100mi ride out to Kerrville, TX. followed by 7 x 1mi repeats. The repeats went surprisingly well- 7:03, 6:44,  7:01,  7:09,  7:21,  7:28,  9:58 ( yeah…so I tanked the last one. I was wiped)

And that is where it stands now. 1 week and a half to go. I will try for the heavy swimming 4 about 5-6 days then back that off as well.   Obviously sleep is still something to work on…

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