HITS Triathlon Series Marble Falls- Training Update

Well heck, this shouldn’t even be labeled an event training up date, but a general update in all since my lame self hasn’t posted since last October!!  How is that supposed to be considered regular blogging?!?

This is typical of me,  however, as I find myself so easily distracted by ‘other things’ to do in the winter time.  I think that has been part of what has kept me in sport so long is that I have always taken a healthy amount of time ‘off’ in the winters. My body would probably be more wrecked than I discussed about where I have been for the last few years when it came to racing or just plain living an athletic  lifestyle.

I succumb to the holidays and the cooler weather, even with  living in a mild winter location.  I am always in learning mode and the internet is not a good place for someone like me. I go from training articles to health and nutrition, to genome project to bacteria gut function, to the nyan cat,,  prisoners dance to Thriller, then more nutrition and training information, top Fails compilations, to marketing Google+ hangouts….ugh!

Even now as I started this after the midnight hour because I procrastinated filing my tax extension for last year until the 15th, and then distracted by FB and peoples posts, my Norton expiring, trying to find the best price on our GreenFoods protein powder, processing a sale in the Ebay biz , and watching a short 13minute amateur cycling documentary.

SO. back to training updates. It has been a rough go. Last year in the spring I got all fired up after training with some active athletes and decided to do a 4 week crash training for Buffalo Springs 70.3 . Then that was pretty much it. I got through the rest of the season with riding the local group rides/races and an occasional short event.  My motivation still wavered.

If I wasn’t going to commit to training regularly, or had a goal race on the books… I just wouldn’t do much. This was not normal for someone who has been doing something since about 14 years old. .  I just rode or whatever I could do, just to do.  But I must admit, it was getting harder to leave the home on a Sat morning to crank out a 80 miler on the bike..when you have beautiful kiddos climbing all over you wanting to just chill in the a.m.

If I wasn’t out of the house before someone woke up, I usually didn’t leave then. I would tell myself, eh,  I’ll go later..but later would come and go and I would move onto something else.

Which brings me to where we are at right now. So with Sept to Dec taken up with Eydie and her unknown ear issue, my oldest son graduating from college,  the unexpected loss of Gracie ( dog #2) just before the Christmas trip home, the gift from my wife was an entry into an Iron distance race close to home here in Marble Falls,TX.

Continued tomorrow…….


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