Buffalo Springs Training update Day 12

Well, this is actually getting posted on Day 13 but the video is from the 12th day I just fell asleep editing and posting it!

So I look at the days to count how many left and I was really surprised to see I really only have 12 days left before the race! What was I thinking!?!?

Anyway, things are actually coming along fairly good considering it has been an eye opener about how much I have let go.

Understanding it is all relative, and the training I have squeezed in and jumped up to is NOT the way I would train a newer athlete by any means

But I have been at this a long time.  I also am really only posting the key efforts and I have more down time recovering from those big days where I basically

just swam because the legs were tired.  I also have not kept up on my promise to myself I would be getting enough sleep. So here is the last weeks update.

I know it is a bit long, but there is some good info in there and when I get going talking about training…..

My athletes learn the most when we are out riding and the stories of past experience comes out. I am an analyzer and I am always looking at the variables in training.

I might not catch something until I come across another situation and look back at another training day. but I don’t just plod along blindly putting in the miles as

many do.  So catch up with me and follow along through to the race on June 24th.  Might even Live Stream that weekend a few times ( there is a page link above that has

the Ustream link)  Kind of cool….but not guaranteed it will work out!

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