What to Eat at Work that is Quick?

What to Eat at Work That is Quick?

When it comes to training and fitting things in, one of the problems becomes getting in good quality of food because the tendency is to reach for the quick stuff.  The need to pre-pack and availability of a fridge may cause room for excuse.  But if serious about what you are doing, you find a way and a cooler is always an option.  If cost is not an obstacle, there are many places that prepare foods for you. I come from the poor racer, sleep in my car lifestyle, and that was just not an option. Once you know how to make due, you scoff at the waste of money and would rather work less and train more!

I like to keep foods handy that don’t require refrigeration such as Chia Seeds, Hemp Hearts, nuts and raisins etc.

Even if it is ‘good for you’ and the packages are done up nicely with all the catch phrases of ‘low fat’ , ‘no hydrogenated oils’ , ‘ no high fructose corn syrup’, and even, ‘ Natural’ or ‘organic’… the problem comes in shelf life,lack of  live enzymes, and still, the sugar content ( cane sugar…is still sugar)

Now I am not saying all things in packages are going to be bad.  It is a bit difficult to always get fish fresh or meats as an example,  so tuna and salmon and even free range chicken in a can, can be good sources of quick meals.

I definitely am not innocent of eating the quick fix bar or the shake mix, but I have toned it down considerably from days of past. I lived on supplements. I  would have the pre-ride shake, during ride drink and bar or gel, recovery shake, more bars ( they’re just like candy!)  and later more protein powders etc.

I also had my share of mac and cheese or ramen as well as piles of Minute Rice and Pork n Beans, instant oatmeal, and Pringles…ahh Pringles ( but only the original flavor…the others just become ‘chips’) , gallons of Gatorade, and of course any version of Coney Island Waffle Cone ice cream.

The thing is, I lived a sugar roller coaster and what I thought was the need to eat every 2 hours due to my ‘training’ , was more due to the ratios and quantities of foods I was eating. In the long term, my body payed.  I had the somewhat common high triglycerides found in endurance athletes, a bit of insulin resistance,  wild energy and mood swings as well as performance ups and downs.  The biggest effect, and there are other factors, but some pretty severely drained adrenal glands, hormone levels, a weakening immune system, increase in seasonal allergies, and general overall body aches. I was going to be one of those ” he was an Ironman and somehow died of heart disease”.

I began to see in athletes in the sport, both that I coached and that I saw at events, continue to battle weight even as they got into the longer distances.  Now, this is subject to another blog, but the bottom line is…you might not be needing as many carbs as you are allowing yourself.  We want the body to burn fats in the long distance events to the optimal level we can get it to.  If you are doing sprint and Olympic, then yes, you are all sugars generally on those.

So below I made a quick video of what I have stashed in my cupboard at work ( that is when nobody takes it…)  It is simple. These items I keep in the cupboard and anything needing refrigeration I will bring a few days worth at a time and leave in the fridge. Our work place is actually pretty good about leaving food alone…at least mine.  maybe it is because it is too ‘healthy’ for them and not as tempting!

I keep:

  • Jar of Sunflower Nut Butter ( or peanut butter until peanuts showed up on MRT food sensitivities test)
  • Jar of Organic Coconut Oil-  great MCT’s and fats for those quick meals that have zero fat in them
  • Separate ziplock baggies of  Gluten Free Oats,  Hemp Hearts, Chia Seeds, Craisins, milled flax seed, various nuts- walnuts, pecans, pumpkin, macadamia
  • Tuna, Pouch of Salmon
  • Dr. Mercola’s Protein powder strawberry  ( vanilla and cocoa on the MRT too 🙁  )
  • and of course…. 1 fork  , 1 knife,  1 spoon

I can make a number of combinations as well as when I only have a short time between clients, a quick couple spoonfuls and handfuls and you can get 300-400 calories down quickly and better than a bar.

Here is one of the quick meals.  A pouch of wild caught salmon with nuts, seeds and a little coconut oil ( didnt have that in this vid though)  and only thing missing was a handful of raw spinach or something green!




Chris Aarhus

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