The Real Food Summit is Here: UnderGround Wellness and the Real Food Summit

The Real Food Summit is Here: UnderGround Wellness and the Real Food Summit

It is here, the Real Food Summit by top BlogTalk radio show host Sean Croxton. Putting together a jam packed line up of presenters consisting of farmers, nutritionists, and top health bloggers, Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness has done it again.

Modeled after the successful Paleo Summit released earlier this year, Sean delves into the question many Underground Wellness
people ask when it comes to what to eat… ” Does Food Have to be So Complicated? ” From all the fad diets I have to sift through that pepper the market for my general weight loss clients, to the highly marketed supplement industry guiding the athletes that I work with, Sean compiles the information to educate you to decide for yourself . You would spend thousands of dollars trying to catch all these presenters on the road.  They are all here!!

My clients that minutia their food and have the worst relationship with it, seem to struggle the most. Real Food Summit may help them. My athletes, as they try to balance eating and training, seem to run into just as much an issue. Trying to drop weight at the same time as trying to increase performance, often times with not achieving either one.

The Real Food Summit delves into why one book says all the right things about why vegetarianism is the only way to go, yet professor so and so has the exact opposite and equally convincing info about eating like cavemen.

Sean does this through a unique format in the Real Food Summit by compiling many presenters over a 9 day period…and it is FREE. Well, at first.

See what he has here: ( First 500 registrants get a year’s subscription to Organic Gardening..something  I know we have just been putting off for too long is our garden!)


Each day 3 presenters are interviewed, with these continuing to be played for 24 hours for free, then they are pulled for the next round.

Register for free here then after your brain is wracked with info for 8 days or you have to miss a day, you may just want this library of videos to be able to refer back to on your own. Just come back to this link and own it.  Trainers, this will help you stand out from the others.  Athlete’s , it will make you think a bit more about how you fuel yourself!



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